Patton's stretch sock yarn

sandra_fergusonDecember 16, 2008

Has anyone else used this? It's really nifty. Our daughter found one of those free patterns that hang on hooks, by the yarns, and it was for a short sock that ended right at the beginning of the toes....the toes were exposed and the picture showed them worn with thong sandals. Anyway, I have finished one and am starting on the other. I actually used EZ's sock patter for the heel turning, etc, but the # of stitches, etc, from the instructions...I'm going to make some for myself, too, albeit it with toes! They knit up thin, which is good...easy to wear under shoes. The yarn really is VERY stretchy, allowing me to make them fit very well.

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I am using some right now for the first time. The color I have is Taffy Bonbon Carmel. I am working on two at the same time, both on the same two circulars. It is quite a challenge to keep them from tangling. Unfortunately, I am having trouble with my right thumb and have not been able to knit for a couple of weeks now. :(. I do like the stretchiness of it.


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do you really like it? I am a tight knitter, and have used strechy yarn before. The socks are so tight I can't wear them. I am really reluctant to try it. You might inspire me to, though.


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Tami, maybe try larger needles or add a few more stitches in the round? I was worried about them stretching too much as I knit but so far so good. I knit from the toe up so that I can try them on as I go and am at the heel when I put them down a few weeks ago.


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Tammi, Yes, I really like it, although my knitting is exactly the opposite of yours.....I knit very loosely, so generally go down a size or two needle from the one suggested...I was hoping that the stretchiness might counteract my natural looseness, and I think it may yourself a favor, though, and really TRY to knit looser - it'll make your life a lot more having to practically pry the stitches off the needles, etc.
Cannahavana...I knit from the top down, and try them needn't start at the toe to do this. I'm curious, though, how you create the heel, knitting up? The pattern I use, I create a heel flap, from 1/2 the stitches, then, when this is square, turn the heel....(knitting halfway across, decrease, then turn and work back,decrease, etc.) do you turn your heel when you don't knit down? I can't imagine.

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I have loosened up over time, but still sometimes find I need to go up a needle size. I ususally cast on 72 sts for my calf, then decrease to 68 or 64 at the ankle for the rest of my foot. I do mine on one long circcular using the magic loop method. I usually do two at the same time, on seperate needles. I've tried to do both on one needle, but didn't like it. I have also done a pair toe up. I wasn't happy with the toe, but the rest was ok. Sandra, find a good toe up pattern and give it a try. Acutally, the heel wasn't hard to turn doing it toe up.


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I do the short row heel. I've never made them from the top down.

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