chickacheeDecember 15, 2009

I just recently completed a scarf for a Christmas present. It's made of part wool and part acrylic (according to the skein wrapper) I made about 5 rows of ribbing on each end to prevent rolling or curling up, but the sides of the scarf roll up so bad it looks like a tube! Is there a relatively quick/simple fix for this?

Thanks for your help.


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You could try picking up stitches along the edge and knitting a few rows of garter or seed stitch, but unfortunately, since it was not part of the original piece, it is likely to continue curling. If you simply cannot bring yourself to rip it and start over, leaving a few stitches at each edge for selvage, I think your best option is to "kill" the yarn, and even that may not completely solve the problem. Put some water in your steam iron and put it on the steam setting. Lay a section of your scarf out on the ironing board and cover it with a cotton towel or piece of cotton material. Slowly move the iron over the fabric (some say not to touch the fabric, but I sometimes just iron over the cloth). This will set the fabric. It has some advantages and some disadvantages. The yarn will most likely become softer (good), but will most likely lose any elasticity it had (good? bad? you decide).

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You can try putting a border on it. It might help. Acrylic does not block, so I don't think the iron will help much, but worth a try.


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Tami, you are correct in that acrylic does not block. But the iron technique does work. It isn't blocking. It is "killing" the yarn. Trust me, this works. Permanently.

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