Slipper Grip

rwisniewDecember 6, 2006

Is there such a thing as a liquid rubber adhesive to dot directly onto the bottom of a crocheted slipper to give it grip?


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Your question made me thinking. I've wondred the same thing myself. I just remembered there used to be something in tubes that kids used to make rubber like dots on paper. If it still exists you can probably find at Michaels or Joannes.

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You can use Scribbles Paint, the stuff in the little bottles to out line appliques on shirts. Just put little dots all over the bottom of the slippers and let dry. Re-apply as they wear off. Or you can go to the fabric store and buy the packaged stuff for footed pajamas and sew that on.


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Not sure how well it would work but "Shoe Goo" might do the trick. Its a rubbery substance in a tube used for repairing the bottoms of sneakers and such.
Also the stuff that is waffled rubber sheets used for lining shelves and putting on chairs under cushions or under throw rugs to keep things from sliding around. It comes in different colors. It would be easy to stitch on the bottom of slippers.(In case you didn't notice I can't remember the name of the stuff =o) )

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You can use Plastigrip - found in hardware stores - it is used to dip tool handles. I'm posting a link - scroll down top the bottom and you will see what I mean.


Here is a link that might be useful: Non slip soles

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puffy paint is another good option

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Thanks for all the input!

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I've used the rubber cement found in craft stores. You just brush it on.

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they have stuff called no slip I think anyway they sell it at Michaels it is with the fabric paint if you cant find the no sikd stuff you can use puff paint.

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Hi, just thought i would post an update. I tried plasti dip on one pair of slippers (2 coats of dots) and fabric paint on the other. Both provided some grip, but I felt the paint was a litte better, seemed the plasti dip hardened too hard, I would try using more on each spot next time. But not 100% satisfied with either product, so I will look for some of the other things mentioned in previous posts! Thanks for so much input!

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I know this isn't a current post, but I just found this link to your forum on Google. Hello all!

For anyone else who is still looking and finds you on a search engine--it took me all day to find the appropriate words to Google the right product--I also found something called Jiffy Grip Fabric; they have it on

Amazon also has Slipper Grippers; they come in a few different colors. They can both be sewn or glued on.
and machine washed; I don't know if the Jiffy Grip Fabric can be dried.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jiffy Grip Fabric etc.

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