New idea for knitted baby blanket

jannieDecember 11, 2010

Today I was cleaning out my linen closet. I found a baby blanket my mother in law knitted for our first baby, who is now 22. It's a lace pattern, very pretty, and still clean as new. I offered it to my DD but she wasn't interested. I want to show it off. So I thought of something. Sew a tube "hem" on it, and hang it on a drapery rod over my dining room window. I'm sure it will look beautiful, yet still let in a lot of light.

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I may be mistaken, but I am assuming that your DD doesn't have a baby. I couldn't imagine having a baby and being offered a beautiful baby blanket made by my grandmother and turning it down. Good for you for repurposing the blanket. I'll bet it's lovely.

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Our kids are getting to the stage of having babies of their own. So now I use all those blankets I had for them when the grandsons visit.

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Jannie, that's a great idea! So much better than being hidden away in a closet.


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Forty-seven years ago I knitted a blanket for my niece. She was the first-born of our family's children. That blanket then went to her brother. From there my sister-in-law passed it on to her sister. It was used for the sister's son and daughter; then, found it's way back to my SIL, who returned it to me when my children were born.

I was cleaning out the linen closet last winter when I discoverd the blanket, looking none the worse for wear, in a box at the back of the closet.

Shows what using a good yarn can endure.

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