Arghh, I hate bobbins.

sheilajoyce_gwDecember 8, 2008

I need to just plow through using bobbins to knit a vest for my grandson. But I delay because I so dislike using bobbins. They make knitting such a chore. The front has two bears in two shades of brown, and I have stared at it for 3 days now. Ugh.

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Usually things I dread go ok once I get started. The dreading is worse than the doing. Consider it a labor of love!

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I feel your pain--this why I tend to only make two-color patterns or stick with solids and just add cables and textured stitches for interest. I detest fiddling with bobbins and they always get all tangled up and I spend more time unsnarling the darn things than I do knitting!

Keep the vision of your grandson proudly wearin his new vest made just for him by his grandma before you while you knit those bears. A little chocolate and glass of eggnog might help, too. Merry Christmas!


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Well, I put the project away for a few days, and then I got it out Monday and started working on it. The knitting is all done, the eyes are sewn on, and I just have to sew up the side seams. It is a navy pull over sweater vest for our soon to be 2 year old grandson. The front has two teddy bears in two shades of brown. His birthday is Christmas Day, but I will give it to him when he comes with his mom for a visit tomorrow. There will be just too many presents for him to open at home and then here on Christmas Day.

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I have been watching knitting video's and it looks easy. Now you guy's are scaring me! LOL I have seen so many knitting tools, and when I say "bobbins" I thought of the bobbin in my sewing machine. What are all these parts for and are they really needed just for thows and baby blankets? that's all I'd be making. Any help greatly appreciated!

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The knitting or crocheting bobbins hold small balls of various colors of yarn for when you are making colored figures or designs on your work. I knitted a vest front with two brown bears, so I was using two colors of brown and the navy background. One bear was predominately light brown and the other dark brown and they were both made of the two browns. I needed a bobbin for each leg and the background between them and the legs, for instance. So I was using 9 bobbins at one point. It is not difficult, it is just messy and you have to stop and untangle them after every row or two. So rather than finding it relaxing to knit, it is a nuisance or frustration with all those dangling bobbins hanging down from your work.

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Sandra--as with any craft, start simple and move on to more complicated techniques as your skill level and desire dictates. To do what you are planning all you really need are some needles and yarn, a few stitch markers and a yarn needle for weaving in the ends when you are done. Those of use who've been at it awhile have lots of gadgets, but I would never recommend that a beginner invest in any more than the basics until she knew whether or not she even likes knitting (or any other craft for that matter.) If you think knitters have a lot of tools and gadgets, you should see my quilting studio!


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