Need help finding the center strand

jennDecember 8, 2007

I bought a skein of yarn yesterday to make a simple scarf for my nephew. Someone showed me a pattern using both ends of the yarn as two strands of yarn on very large needles, so I will try that. But, I cannot find the center strand!!! I've dug, looked, felt, pulled, all to no avail, and I'm afraid I've made a mess of the yarn in the middle. Hubby offered to help but he couldn't find it either. I finally tucked it all back in (what I managed to pull out and make a mess of).

So, what's the secret??? Do I need to re-wrap this yarn? And why in the world is that necessary anyway, even when one is not trying to find the center strand? Why not just unwind from the outside???



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this was a discussion a few months ago - this was my suggestion then: another clue - you should be able to read the label and that would mean pulling the end from the right side. However, most times this works but there are times that it also delivers a tangle.

you may want to read some of the suggestions here

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