Black Leather Granite - Brazilian?

rubyclaireJanuary 28, 2014

In my search for Absolute Black Leather granite, one of the stone yards I had visited in the past sent me the attached photo of some new slabs of black leather granite called Brazilian Black. I have not seen these in person but they sure look a bit like soapstone to my untrained eye. Has anyone here ever heard of this granite? My fabricator is willing to have this shipped to them (stone yard with this material is about an hour or so away) but I wonder if I should make a trip and pick out a slab in person (and confirm I like it in person). I wouldn't have felt the need to do this if I was going with AB.

Anyway...anyone heard of this or know anything about it? From the photo, I think it could be a winner but I think I would want to choose the individual slab. What do you think??

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I don't know anything about it but I love it!!! If you have it shipped are you obligated to buy it or can you look at it first when it arrives?

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Thanks! I won't technically be obligated but I may feel that way - I would like to avoid that if possible. The stone yard is going to send me some additional photos so that might help.

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I had wanted soapstone in my previous kitchen, but my husband wasn't keen on "patina". We ended up using something called Nordic Black Antique on the island - it looked a lot like the Brazilian Black, and we loved it. It felt good just to touch it, and it looked great.

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Great to hear hockeyfan! I have also considered marble and soapstone and my husband is leery of the associated "issues" with those materials for him. That's why I turned to AB but this look is very, very appealing to me.

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I'm torn between soapstone and granite, too. I need to decide on a material in the next two days and I've been to 20 yards. Will you please tell me the name of the yard that gave you that Brazilian Black pic? THANK YOU

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I love that stone. Don't you just want to rub your hands on it????

You can only say those things here on the KF, LOL.

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danielle - I purchased this stone and it is waiting for install. It is actually called Milky Way or Via Lactea. Not sure why they called it Brazillian Black - perhaps they were trying to be descriptive of the difference between this stone and the Absolute Black from India that I thought I wanted.

I really love it - just enough subtle veining, a nice leathered texture, very dark with a bit of a sheen. Can't wait to see it finished! It was purchased from Mont Krest in the Tampa/St. Pete area. Hope that helps & good luck!

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That is just beautiful! I also want to use Absolute Black leathered granite, but I will definitely keep my eyes out for this, too. Hope you enjoy that lovely stone.

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Thanks - I will update with photos when we have this installed.
Good luck your search as well bakerjen!

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