Ductless In San Antonio

markintoshMay 9, 2012

Hey, that could be a movie title!

But seriously, we're building a 568 sq. foot cottage for my mom and dad in our back yard in San Antonio. The plans don't include any ductwork as they are generally for houses built in the NW where they don't have AC.

Will we be ok going ductless here? I'm thinking two blower units on either end of the cottage... It's basically a BR on the left half, a short hallway with the bath, and then a combo LR/DR on the right side.

Heat will be provided by what my dad calls his "Amish Floor Heater" -- It heats his current 800 sq foot apartment well for him. Of course we could also add heat to the ductless...

Thanks for any info/opinions...

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Heat pump mini splits should work fine. If you want service in the bathroom, you could consider hiding a small air handler and running very short ducts.

You should consider changing building or modifying the building design to something that works better in your climate. A cool metal roof will probably serve you better than shingles.....

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Thanks very much for the reply, ionized. And I think the cool metal roof is a great idea... :)

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Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Toshiba and others have some good presentations on the web of the types of indoor modules available. You should probably familiarize yourself with the high wall-hung, ceiling-mounted, air handlers and other before calling contractors. Pay attention to the controls as well. There are differences between the manufacturers.

If you do decide to go with ducts, they should be inside the envelope. You can put them in the attic, but in that case, you should seal the attic and insulate the roof deck. That might not be a bad idea even without ducts up there.

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