Carrier Comfort Series or Infinity

masinghMay 14, 2012

We live in a 3 story, 3400 Sq feet house in northern VA and looking to replace our HVAC system. The HVAC company has suggested couple of options:

1. Carrier Comfort Series:

a. Comfort 13 Air Conditioner 4 ton. Model # 24ABB3. 13 SEER

b. 4-Way multipoise induced-combustion gas furnace: 58STA/STX (Series 140). 80% AFUE

c. base series programmable thermostat

2. Carrier Infinity Series: This is recommended by the HVAC company and has a manufacturers rebate.

a. Infinity 17 2-Stage AC. model # 24ANB7 (24ANB748A0030). 16 SEER

b. Infinity 80 variable speed 4-Waymultipoise gas furnance. # 58CVA/CVX Series 150 (58CVA110-f-1-20). 80% AFUE

c. SYSTXCCUID01 Infinity Control User Interface

The carrier Infinity series is more expensive. Q) Are these system good/comparable and also do suggest which one should I go with?

Any idea if if the 2 stage AC and furnance help for mid-Atlantic region from comfort perpective (northern VA/D.C area) and does that also help with the cost?

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The Carrier Comfort series is a basic single speed furace and AC. It is Carrier's no frills offering.

The Infinity series is the top of the line equipment. It is more attractive in that it is a little better built and offers additional comfort and better AC efficiency.

The Infinity AC would be a good choice if you live in an area with high electricity rates and high summer humidity. The higher SEER is what helps reduce the AC cost. The Infinity controller regulates the humidity. This may allow you to set the indoor temperature higher than you may in the past. This may result in additional savings.

Carrier offers a higher rebate on Infinity systems which help in the increased cost. If you have the funds, I would recommend the Infinity system.

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Two issues jump out

On quote #1, that is not Carrier's Comfort Series condenser, but rather their bottom builder grade Base series 13 SEER. I would not have it.

But for your area/climate, why is dealer quoting an 80% eff furnace on quote #2? I would want a 95% eff furnace or if staying with 80% eff, then add a HP condenser. You need to know your nat gas and electric rates.


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Thanks for bringing out the issue with comfort series condenser. We are getting following model with option #1

Comfort Series 24ACC348W00-30/31
SEER/ER 13.2/11.0
Max cooling capacity: 45,500

Please let me know your thoughts on that. If this is not a good choice please recommend me the AC unit to go with comfort series.

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For your area/climate, I do not like an 80% eff furnace unless paired with a heat pump.

The Comfort Series 13 SEER AC is available in a HP version.

If not a HP, then suggest upgrade to a 95% eff + efficiency furnace.


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tigerdunes - thanks for pointing out the AC model was not actually the Comfort Series. The vendor did correct it once I pointed it out. Now theupdated model details are:
Number: 24ACC348W00-30/31

I am planning to double check about the AFUE of 90+%, HP condensor or a heat pump too.
Do you know if the Furnance is a Comfort Series: 58STA110-f-1-22?


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The 58STA110-f-1-22 is the builder's grade Base series. I don't recomment getting this furnace. The contractor you are talking is mispresenting the product.

What are the price quotes for the Comfort vs. the Infinity series? Is the contractor offering the Carrier rebate? Are there any local utility rebates for a 16 SEER AC and/or a 90%+ AFUE furnace?

If you need to look at your gas and electricity rates to determine whether getting a dual fuel set up makes sense. A calculation can be done if you post the utility rate numbers.

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If not going to consider a high eff heat pump, then I would look at
Mdl 59TP5 Performance Series Carrier furnace as a recommended upgrade.

See link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Carrier Performance Furnace

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