Knitting With Fabric Anyone?

trudymomDecember 10, 2009

Have any of you ever knit with fabric? Patterns? Tips? Needle size? Width of fabric?

Thank you!

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I do have a few patterns.I can email them to you if you would like them.


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rina602, I would love the patterns!!--please see my email address under "my page." Have you ever knitted with fabric?

Thank you!!!

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I once knitted a rug out of 100% cotton t-shirts that I had cut into strips. The strips were cut across the shirt, and when pulled they rolled very neatly. I tried this with an acrylic blend but it didn't roll up. I cut a hole in one end of each strip and laced the strips into one big ball of yarn!

The rug was quite thick and heavy, but great for catching dirt, sand and gravel at the back door. Also good for the economy....recycling.

I just did the stockinette stitch ~ nothing fancy. The carpet wore like iron, and lasted for years!

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Not following how you laced the strips together. Can you explain?

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Lascatx ~

Here's a little schematic of how I lace my strips together. Hope you can understand my scribbles.

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Depending on the fabric, I would cut into about 1" strips, and then sew the ends together to make one long strip. This is what I do for my rag rug loom. For denim, about 1", cotton Like sheets or shirts, about 2". It depends on how heavy your fabric is. And I would probably use at least a size 11 needle, maybe even a 13 or 15, depending on the fabric.


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