Felting problem, Paton yarn

puzzlefanDecember 18, 2008

I decided to try some Paton wool as I wanted to make a felted pair of mittens. Using the instructions on the Paton website, I felted the two pair of mittens. They came out terrible! The ribs had almost disappeared, (flattened out) and had stretched horizontally. The only shrinkage seemed to be in length Is there another way to felt this wool or should I use a different brand?

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Puzzlefan, Is it 100% wool? And is it white? If it's not 100% wool it won't felt. If it's white, it doesn't like to felt for some reason. I don't know what the label says to do to felt it. I use the hotest water I can get in my washing machine with a drop or two of soap, and a couple of pairs of jeans or something like that to help with agitation. Let it agitate, checking periodically, until it is the size you want. Spin out the water and roll in a towel to remove more moisture, then shape as desired and let air dry. I hope this helps. You can try felting it again. I don't think the pattern I have for felted mittens has ribbing. It would definitly not look ribbed after felting. You have nothing more to loose by trying to felt this pair some more to get the desired results. I have not used Paton's to felt with, so I don't know personally how well it works but it should work great. I do know a few people who have used it with good results.


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It is 100 percent wool and the display shows the before and after swatch, not ribbed of course. Your instructions are very much like Paton's but I was hoping to maintain the ribbing effect instead of the stretched out effect. Does it always stretch horizontally? ribs were 2 1/4 inches across before felting and ended up being about 4 inches wide. A cuff of 7 inch circumference really doesn't work well.

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You might try knitting the hand part of it, then felting it. After it's felted and dry, then add your ribbing. The ribbing won't be felted but will work as it's supposed to. As for the yarn felting only horizontally, sometimes that happens. Try felting it again. It wouldn't hurt, it you want to try this, to sew with short stitches on the machine, around the top of the cuff, between the cuff and the body of the mitten, then cut off the cuff. Sew two rows of stitching and cut between them. It won't unraval. Then pick up stitches and put ribbing on. It sometimes takes more than once to get something felted to where you want it. If you have more questions, please ask. If someone here can't help, and I don't see that you've posted more ?, email me thru my page. I try to check my email every day, and will help what I can.


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