Help - I've forgotten the language!

cookie8December 8, 2009

I haven't knitted for years and am making some mitts right now but I don't know what to do with this step and am looking for some help.

Place marker between middle two stitches. (18 & 19th st) add two stitches, place another marker, Work in st st increasing 2 sts every other Row between marks until you have 14 stitches. Put these 14 on a holder for working thumb later.

"Continue working st st adding 2 stitch under thumb once. "

Work in st st until total lengthen mitten is 8.5 inches. (Or up to top of pinky finger)

I am having problem with this step and what it means.

"Continue working st st adding 2 stitch under thumb once. "

I have my my 14 stitches on a holder and am now stuck. Thanks.

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Without reading the entire pattern and taking this step out of context, I am just going to take a guess here. I think possibly that what comes after this step might also help determine what you are to do now. BUT, here is what I think it is saying: after you have put those 14 stitches on a holder, you are to continue working your glove/mitten in the round as if those 14 stitches don't exist. On the first round, you will add 2 stitches (cast on) at the gap where the 14 stitches were, then continue around. And continue in stockinette stitch until the point that you are up to the top of the pinky finger.

You will later go back and get those 14 stitches and the 2 you cast on and knit the thumb/thumb gusset.

Does any of that make sense?

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Perfect sense. Thanks! My MIL is coming for a visit during the holidays and for a gift from her I am asking for her time and hands. I started a baby boys sweater (so cute and so expensive) for a friend and when I brought it to her for finishing touches her little guy had already outgrown it. Since it's been about 5 yrs I am blank with what to do with it. I have a 3 month old I want to finish it for so here's hoping she can help out. For her grandson, I'm sure she'd love to. Not many people out there knit (those of whom I am meeting anyways).

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