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pughawkMay 19, 2012

We purchased a brand new house seven years ago (2600 square feet). We shut down our A/C in September 2011 for the winter. In November 2011, we had a professional move the refrigerant line from the compressor to the furnace (we were finishing the basement). We first started the A/C in May without any cold air. We had the same conractor come out to investigate. He said that the internal coil had a leak. He said that it is typical for a builder's unit (admittedly lower quality) to break in about 7 years. He said that they no longer made parts for our unit and the type of refrigerant the unit uses is outlawed so we need to upgrade to R410A. He quoted an upgrade at $6,650.

I am suspicious of this sudden leak and wonder if it usually occurs in the internal coil within 7 years or whether moving the refrigerant line could have caused the leak. Also would like to know if $6,650 is a reasonable estimate.

Thank you, in advance, for your help.

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It is likely moving the refrigerant line caused the leak, but this would be difficult to prove unless the leak was where the new refrigerant line was connected to the condenser. A coil could develop in 7 years. Carrier has had problems with their older coils failing at an early age.

What equipment are you being quoted for $6650? What furnace do you currently have? Where are you located?

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A second opinion by a highly reputable HVAC company is recommended.


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first off if you payed someone to move your refer line it could cause a leak in the coil just by working on it. You would be responsible for that decision. Secondly a seven yr old coil replacement is available for your unit. Thirdly R-22 has not been outlawed it is used every day albeit at a more expensive rate due to the reduction in production which will continue to reduce in the next seven yrs till it is no longer made.
Now for the big picture you should upgrade your equipment to R-410a now sense you are having an issue with leakage. The contractor sounds like he just didn't want to explain it "again" so he took a short cut "it's illegal".

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