looking for a pattern

snowballDecember 13, 2008

For my first grandson I made a afghan that had hearts going across it. It was simular to the navajo afghan pattern start at one end stop at the other you only have two stitches single and double the double one makes the pattern according to its placement Easy to do but so hard to discrib

Does anyone have this pattern?


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Was it made up of squares with one heart in each square made from a popcorn or cluster stitch of double crochets?

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no it has no squares. and no popcorn stiches
as I said it is simular to the Navajho afghan you start a row and finish the row no turning
an example row would be sc 19 1dc (this drops down into the row below) next row 17 sc 1 dc 1sc 1dc 17 sc and on when you have finish it has a diamond shape the heart does the same thing by placement of the double crochet you will over several rows see the heart..hope this clears things up and didn't muddy the waters too much

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