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jjknitterNovember 23, 2009

I have a pattern that calls for Win-Sport Yarn with a

gauge of 15 stitches =2 inches on Size #3 Needle

No row gauge is given and the yarn company is out of


What weight of yarn do I use? Is it Sport Weight or what??

So confused.


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Hmmm, Fleischer's and Bear Brand both had a yarn called Winsport, but those were worsted weight and you probably wouldn't use a #3 (U.S.) needle with them.

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If you look for a yarn that has a gauge of 15 sts.= 2 inches on size 3 needles you would likely be all right even without the rows. Most regular-not fancy or textured--yarns have the same guage. In other words if you get a knitting worsted that says 15sts.=2 inches on size 3 needles, it is likely that the row guage is the same as your pattern calls for.

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According to both an older (7th) and current base edition
Bear Brand Win-Sport is a "sport" weight, or if you prefer the Yarn Standards definition - No 1.

It would be similar to a fingering or sock weight - but I would, of course recommend swatching to be sure the yarn you choose can achieve pattern gauge in a fabric satisfactory to you.



P.S. If memory serves, both Bear & Fleischer were incorporated into Bucilla

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The stitch gauge given is not using the current standard measurement.
15 sts = 2 inches, is now written as:

30 sts = 4 inches.

Don't get mixed up. (Reminds me of grade school math problems, when part of the question was talking about pints and another part was talking about quarts. And the student who missed the change got a wrong answer.)

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