low air flow with tempstar 2000

coengMay 16, 2012

Complete newbie to central A/Cs here, so please bear with me.

Just bought my house last summer. Tempstar 2000 system was installed about 6 years prior by previous owner. We moved in during the month of August and noticed that the system was on a lot. Some parts of the house were actually warm even when the A/C ran for most of the day.

Turned the system on today after opening the registers. Noticed that I have poor air flow out of every register. It was 75 degrees in the 2nd floor hallway when I turned it on so I set the thermostat to 70. About 45 minutes later it was only down to 74. On a day where its barely 80 outside, I would expect it to cool down to 70 a LOT quicker than that.

On the recommendation of my uncle who is a Mitsubishi Electric A/C dealer (and very hard to get a hold of I should mention) he suggested that I replace the air filter (NaturalAire from HD) and noticed no difference. He also recommended I removed the air filter completely and when I did I noticed only a minor change in the amount of air coming out. I was expecting a lot more without the filter in place. One thing for sure is that the hallway is a LOT quiter without a filter in place. I used these filters last summer because he said I should get the ones with the largest pleats.

Outside I noticed two pipes near the condenser. He said one should be cold, the other warm. Well, the insulated one was cold and sweating, and the other thinner was the same as the air temp outside. I did notice that the PVC condensation pipe literally had a stream coming out of it. Last year it was only a drip. Is that a symptom? From what I read that means your system is actually working. If that's the case, why the low air flow?

Suggestions before I make the effort to hunt him down and get him to troubleshoot my system?

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Most popular reasons for low air flow can be air duct leaks/restricted duct, evaporator coil frozen and cover with ice, bad blower motor not up to speed etc. System low in refrigerant also may make you feel there is low air flow. You need a pro to help you on charging refrigerant and fix leaks but you can check duct and evaporator yourself. Cold suction line only means your condenser is running but it doesn't mean it has enough refrigerant to work as designed. Good luck!

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Sounds like your uncle is sick of hearing about your ac problem. Now that I have that out of the way, you might have a dirty evap coil. In that case or any other case you need to save your pennies and call an expert before you hurt yourself.

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