how to make stitch markers????

sheilajoyce_gwNovember 16, 2008

Has anyone made stitch markers with colorful beads? I thought I could make some with a bead shop being close to my house. But I don't know how. I was especially thinking of making some cute ones for me and some masculine ones for DS.

Do you like the kinds made from a necklace clasp or from a ring of wire? What is so good about using the claw clasp or whatever it is?

I am looking for some practical instructions here.

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I used a 10 mm jump ring to fasten to a bead that has wire around it. The wire around the heart has a loop at the top to put the jump ring through. Then I used a 6 mm jump ring to fasten to the small jump ring. I slide the 6mm ring over my needle and bingo, I have a decorative stitch marker. Vique

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The claw clasps are nice if you need to place a marker that doesn't 'travel' as you knit. You can clip them to a stitch but they come out easily later. I'd make some of each if it were me.


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Sheila, I use a "pin" (looks like a straight pin without the point), put the beads on it, make a loop in the end with a pair of pliers and fasten it on what they call a double ring. A double ring looks like the ring you put your car keys on. My problem is, I can only find 7mm double rings in my craft store. I need to check out and see if they have any that are bigger. They come highly recommended to me with very reasonable shipping, I understand.


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Sheila, here are a couple of pics of mine and what I use to make them. I slide assorted beads onto the head pin, use the rounded pliers to make a loop, then twist the pin wire around with the curved pliers while holding the loop with the round ones. Then I slip that whole piece onto the double ring.


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