AC compressor won't turn on

johntdotMay 11, 2007

I have an air conditioning unit that was installed 4 years ago. This summer, I turned on the air and the blower unit turned on, but the compressor unit didn't seem to turn on. I checked the breaker outside and it seemed fine. I also checked the wiring and it seemed that both the white and the black wires were both attached to a breaker, but that seemed weird to me because there didn't seem to be anything to ground. So I'm just trying to find out if there's something I'm missing, and if anyone knows what might be the problem. The unit was installed by a friend and so there's not a warranty I'm aware of. Any ideas would be GREAT!!

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Appliances which run on 220v don't require a ground wire to operate. The ground is for safety and should be used though, should a compressor or other component short out.
Your probably not getting 220v to the unit, 24v to the contactor or the contactor is bad. Other things are, a pressure switch has it off, the thermostat isn't operating properly, a broken wire or another control that's open.
You might consider calling a pro if your not familiar with electricity and the system should be checked out to encrease it's performance and life.

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You probably have this fixed by now, but my guess would be a bad capacitor. Capacitors used these days don't last very long and its a good item to keep a spare on hand. They're about $3-$10 at plumbing/heating supply stores but a hefty service call since most big HVAC companies now seem to be pricing jobs not on time and parts but on a "job book" price.

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