Carrier Coil Question

mkidd99May 29, 2008

I am replacing my current system with a dual fuel Carrier system. My home was checked/sized by 3 difference companies and all indicated approximately the same size units. I have priced several different companies and types of systems and am thinking about purchasing the following Carrier system:

Furnace: #58CVA110-20

Heat Pump: #25HNA948

Indoor Coil: #CNPVP4821ATA

Infinity Control

Infinity Air Purifier

My question concerns the indoor coil. The Carrier representative included the CNPVP4821ATA, which is an 'N' design. Most of what I read here on the board indicates the 'A' coil (CAP4821A) design would be better. So, should I get the 'N' coil or "A' coil for this system?

The representative said that the only difference was the 'N' coil was shorter than the 'A' coil. This was built so that the units overall height was lower and would fit more homes.

I checked the ARI Certified Performance for this system with both coils and they are the same.

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The CNPVP coil is used in many systems, so I wouldn't worry about it. It doesn't appear to impact the performance anyway. Great system by the way. If you wanted the a-coil, just ask him for that instead, if it will fit.

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Just came across your post. I am about to have a similar system installed. Mine will be slightly different in size, 5 ton HP and 135Kbtu:

If you have already installed it, I'd like to know how you now feel about the Carrier HP. I will be going from an A/C to this hybrid system so I am a bit unsure what to expect. Did you have the Infinity Controller installed?
I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks.. Gary

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As far as I am aware there is no negative with going with an N coil the reason for that design is to increase coil surface while keeping the cabinet size small. If you want an A coil you better be prepared for a 20+ inch high coil

Here is a link that might be useful: Air Conditioning and Heating Repair Made Easy

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