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mtnrdredux_gwSeptember 27, 2012

I am curious about the use of the Conversations side.

I first started using the kitchen forum, and for a long time that was where I would post anything, since i didn't "know" anyone on any other forums.

Then, someone pointed me to the Home Decor form and I probably use it most.

I tried Cottage Gardens a few times but it is not quite as useful because the traffic is far lighter.

So, anyway, having become very accustomed to using GW as an all purpose wiki, I am thinking I'd like to use it to research other topics.

Which leads to my questions.

If you have a question that has nothing to do with decor, do you ask it on the Conversation Side of decor, or go someplace totally different within GW or on ivillage or ...?

Thanks in advance.

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I go to the Conversations side of Home Decor because I *know* the people who will be responding. But the Kitchen Table is another place within GardenWeb you could post a general question.

If it is a medical issue, I would probably go to another site for information, but also post on Conversations for responses from people who may have been through the same thing.

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ditto graywings with the exception of the Kitchen Table - never been there. I have posted on a few of the garden forums and received very helpful info but not recently. Same with Computers, Cleaning, Beauty and a few others but again, nothing recent. This is my go to for info because it's well traveled and has what seems to be a great variety of experiences among frequent posters - a terrific resource.

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The only time I have ever ventured into any other GW forum was when we were planning a kitchen reno, when I did visit the Kitchens forum a lot. But these days, this is the only forum/message board I frequent.

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If I need specific in-depth advice I go to specific forums. Cottage Gardening is usually active in the summer though, so that's the only time I go there.

The main problem I have is so many forums are pretty dead or have such low traffic it's not even worth asking a question.

For general talk among friends-chit chat, the Convo side is the best.

I desperately want an Accessories forum though.

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Hmm, so, of all the forums, Home Decor is the liveliest? Good to know. I thought maybe I was just being myopic and should branch out more.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I have been on here for a decade and for the most part, have finished decorating, at least anything major. When I started wrapping things up, I moved over here because it was/is a place I know well. It's comfortable and I find the people sophisticated and intelligent and I enjoy that.
I love designing, creating things, and can easily visualize so this forum supports me in so many ways.

And, uhmmm, I like a healthy discussion. My views on life and such are so different than most here that once in awhile, I like to stir things up.

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I love the differences of people here! How boring would life be if we all hung out with people who thought just like we do? Healthy discussions between different minded people keep my brain alive!

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I started out in kitchens and found my way over here. If I have a general question I definitely post here first. I feel I "know" the posters and always get great advice.

For cooking questions I head to the cooking forum here at GW. Those people really know about cooking! Plus, it is an active forum.

Now that my DD is a senior and preparing for college, I participate in one specialized small forum and lurk at College Confidential. I only lurk at CC because I have always ben able to find answers by searching previous posts. It is a very busy forum!

Back when DH was traveling a lot I used a travel-related forum that was so helpful with maximizing loyalty points, and managing the whole loyalty concept all together.

Oh! And the DIS!! For planning a trip to a Disney Resort worldwide, there is no better resource. I've been "hanging out" there for YEARS, learned loads of "insider" tips, and planned many hassle-free vacations. It is a *very* busy forum, with about 40 different boards - like resorts, dining, restaurant reviews, Disney for teens... or singles... or babies... or with disabilities... etc! It is an excellent resource.

And I think that is about it for the forums I frequent. But again, for personal quandaries, I only come here.


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I generally use specialized, non-GW forums or groups for questions or to seek info in other areas of interest. I do look at quite a few of the other GW forums, but I don't post to them much. That could change, depending on circumstances, e.g., we will be remodeling a bathroom, so I will probably visit the Bathroom forum regularly and frequently.

I've only ever visited here (Conversations) a few times, so I'm not yet in the habit of posting here much. For some reason, and for the longest I never realized it existed! So much for my career as a spy. ;)

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While I certainly have gleaned much great information and helpful advice regarding myriad subjects here, I think of GW as a community, with people I like and respect and am interested in getting to know better. I feel connected to the people here!

Mtn, welcome to Conversations...hope you'll spend some time here with us when you can!

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I started in the kitchens forum when we were re-doing our kitchen and I still participate. Then I started to explore the other aspects of GW and found the Home and Decorating site and then this site. I like this conversation site because I like the people. It's fun and interesting and they are the kind of people I would like to meet in real life.

I also go the kitchen table and I also check out Hot Topics. For that one you need a thick skin and you can't be afraid to state an opinion.

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If you're doing anything bath related, the Baths forum is *amazing* with Bill and mongo and others...some gorgeous baths have been made there.

I started in Kitchens, moved to Kitchen conversations, then to Home Dec when we branched out into the rest of the house, tried Paint but it's like I mostly stay here.

Tried hot topics once and I hate it. I'll go to huffpo for that, even though I don't post.

It seems that other boards,e.g. kitchen table, have their communities, but I've pitched my tent here. I am blissfully unaware of the drama/machinations that crop up here from time to time, so I am free to cherish the imaginary friends I've made here and the informal, accepting group we have -- maybe I'll get to meet more than just a few of y'all someday!

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While I visit the Decorating Forum daily, I interface with the Cooking Forum more. I have met 37 CF members from all over (CA to NY). We have rented condos and cabins together, they stay at my house and I have stayed at their house, and we talk on the phone. I have met face-to-face with about 7 Decorating Forum posters who are in my area. I can say that I have never had a bad experience.

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To finish my post from above and answer your question...if there is a specific question I will check if there is a GW topic, check it out, then google. If I have want to talk off topic, I use conversations on the Cooking Forum, as noted above I know a number of them from face-to-face meetings and the other as virtual friends.

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If you really want varied opinions, post on Hot Topics. ;o)

Here is a link that might be useful: HT

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I was a daily fixture over on Kitchens before, during and immediately after we went through our total kitchen reno several years ago. That forum is fantastic, giving me great ideas and saving us so much time and money! Since then I've spent my time here on Decorating. Because I've come to "know" so many people here, I tend to use the Conversations side first when I have a question or problem because I know and respect my friends here and trust their advice. Just like my recent dilemma of if it's really possible to travel with just a carry-on bag of clothes. I received great ideas and my carry-on is now packed for tomorrow's trip . . . with a tiny bit of room to spare! I've even polled people here for good healthful breakfast ideas . . . and got many great suggestions that I've been using ever since. I head over here daily and over the years have picked up great ideas from many diverse threads that others have started. These days, the only other forum I check out is before I travel. Love that site, but this place is good for travel advice, as well. Before we headed to Galveston Island last year I asked for any info and Natal pointed me to a couple of wonderful restaurants that we probably would have missed on our own. BTW, I miss Natal!

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