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MaeTNovember 21, 2006

Looking for the pattern for this sweather. Bought it at a craft sale for my Granddaughter but not pleased with the sleeve and thinking I will make them smaller if I can find the pattern.

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What a darling sweater. Would it be possible to turn the sleeves inside out and stitch along, narrowing the sleeve to where you want it? Maybe stitch a couple-three times and cut off the excess. Just an idea.

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Well I was wondering if I could serge it on my serger. I have never done serged anything knitted so I am nervous about attempting it on the sweather. Maybe I'll just unravel it back so far and knit it again with the increases. Was hoping to come across the pattern so it would be easier to do the changes on it.

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Maybe before you alter it you can try it on your granddaughter first. It may fit fine and be more comfortable and easier to get on since the arms are larger. If it's a simple cable pattern you can probably find a match in a stitch dictionary. You can also do a different pattern once you have it frogged.

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What I would do (since it's easy to take out the sleeves) is remove the sleeves and rip down the sleeves to the ribbing in the wrist and follow the instructions from any other child's sweater but take into consideration your gauge and length of an existing sweater your grandchild has. I would also make it a little longer (you will have yarn to do that with) so that they can wear it for a few years.

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Thanks Ladies. I think I will wait to try it on her at first. I am going to go to visit in Feb or March so will wait until then and change the sleeves then if they are too big. As Esther said, I think the easiest would be to rip down the sleeves to the wrist as long as I can get the correct gauge and end up with the same number of stitches at the end. I know how to do the pattern in the sleeve and have changed patterns before but thought it would save me a lot of work if I had the pattern that the sweather was knitted from.

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