Need help with a Christmas project please!

sorrisoNovember 30, 2009

I usually hang out in the home forums and know that the GardenWeb is a great resource for all kinds of answers. I hope you'll take a few minutes to help me.

I would like to make a throw like this: for a Christmas present.

I hope to buy this yarn: in wicker.

With some research I'm thinking that #11 needles would get me the correct-ish gauge. What I need to know is how much yarn should I buy for a 70" X 50" throw? This is for my adult son who wishes to be fully covered by a throw.

I am open to any suggestions.

Thank you,


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Linda, that looks like a perfect "man" blanket, LOL. I took a look at a couple of free patterns at There were a couple in particular that I remembered might help you out. This one: , uses Homespun yarn (which is also a bulky yarn) and size 11 needles, so it would be comparable. The blanket is 36" square. You can do the math to get exact measurement, but that is just a little over a third of the size you are looking for. Homespun is 185 yards per skein and the blanket calls for 3 skeins (555 yards). I would suggest purchasing a little over 1600 yards. That means that you will likely need at least 27 skeins of the yarn you have chosen. Wow, that's going to be an expensive blanket. I know your son is worth it, but maybe you will want to take a look at some other yarns. Good luck! And don't forget to post a photo for us to see.

Here is a link that might be useful: blanket

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Thank you Donna for your response. I was thinking today that the project would probably mean a LOT of yarn--probably should have just bought the PB one before it sold out! I'm going to monkey around with measurements tonight.

I'm willing to consider another yarn. Any suggestions?

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I know lots of knitters who will only work with natural materials, but is your son going to remember (or want) to wash his blanket appropriately? My guess is, probably not. Lion Brand's Pound of Love is a soft acrylic and comes in a very nice "off" white (not quite as dark as wicker, but still very nice). It's 1020 yards, but it's worsted. It usually sells for around $7.99 a pound. You'd need to double the yarn to get the bulk, but you would still only need 3 skeins. How does under $30 sound compared to around $150? Caron also has a one pounder, but in my opinion it isn't quite as soft.

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That's a great suggestion...and I agree with you about proper care. I did end up buying him one from IKEA that I'm thinking he's not going to like. It has a sort of mohair type feel. I was feeling a bit sad because I was looking forward to the project. This gives me a bit of hope that I can do something and mail it to him. Thank you!

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