Difference between boy & girl sweaters

socksNovember 17, 2008

Is the difference between boy & girl sweater patterns just the buttons? I guess they are on the left for a girl and on the right for a boy?

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Buttonholes on the right side, for females, and on the left, for boys...styles don't matter much, I wouldn't think...I mean, a crew neck is a crew neck is a crew neck..ditto for a cardigan...the differences are with the colors and yarns used.

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My mother-in-law taught my husband a little saying to help remember this. "Right over left for women (cuz we're always right!) and men get left over."

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That's cute. I'm over 50 and still have to look at a shirt to verify. I just could never remember. But I won't forget anymore. Thank you for that.

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Does anyone know WHY there is this difference? It makes absolutely no sense to me and would anyone REALLY notice if the buttons were on the "wrong" side of the placket?


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