Pics of the (finally finished!) Tiger Socks

donna_loomisNovember 14, 2007

I am so sick of looking at this yarn, but my grandson sure loves his socks and wants me to make lots more for him.

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Hi Donna

Very nice socks indeed. Is the yarn self striping sock yarn?

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Yes, Sue, it's self striping. And no matter how well I tried to match it up, it had a mind of it's own. But they turned out alright. I've recently purchased several colors of hand dyed sock yarn on ebay, so I'll have plenty of practice trying to get it right.

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very cute! I love the tiger stripes :)

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How neat are those!? LOL, they blend in well with whatever that is that the kids are sitting on.

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Adorable little one Donna, and I really like those socks.Kareen

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Oh, those are awesome! Please keep posting your creations, or tell me where you blog is if you show 'em off there!

Where did you get the yarn?

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Those socks are absolutely awesome! I can understand why he wants more...:)

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I got the yarn from - at $3.50 a skein, it was a very good deal, in my opinion. I don't have a blog, but I try to post photos occasionally. Thanks for all the compliments everyone. Right now I am knitting the world's most boring socks for my husband. He says no loud colors, so I am using "naked" wool, very fine, and no fancy stitches. But I promised to make them for him, so I just have to grin and bear it, then I can make some more fun ones for me. I've got three colors waiting on the shelf.

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I LOVE those! They would work great for a boy or girl.

The teeny ones and the teeny one are just adoreable!

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Those are adorable! I don't think the stripes need to match.... after all, tigers don't share the same stripe pattern. :-)

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I love those socks. If you are looking for a neat product to make the soles of any knit socks non-skid, try GRiPPiES (, their iron ons work great on handmade socks and make a nice safe non skid sole.

Here is a link that might be useful: GRiPPiES: the no-slip solution for tights, socks and gloves!

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Donna, he socks look great! If I remember right, the tiger yarn comes in a 100 gram ball, right? The way I get my self striping socks to match is to use a kitchen scale and a ball winder. Weight the skein first. Wind about half of it and weigh it again, until you have equal amts. I then re-wind the rest of it. I start both socks at the same time so I can match the ends of the yarn and start them at the same place. They come out VERY close. If I can remember tomorrow, I'll post a pic of the ones I am working on now. It's the self striping red white and blue. You will probably have to wind about a quarter size ball from one of them to get to a place that matches, but if necessary, you can use that at the toe if you run short. It's to late tonight for me to take a pic and post it. I can hardly keep my eyes open now.


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Great job and picture, Donna. So cute. I love making baby boy booties from self striping sock yarn. It is so cute on them, and you can treat several babies from one ball of yarn.

I notice the colors for baby boys at the fancy "shoppes" are tan, navy or other blues, and red. Can't go wrong with any of those colors. I have also noticed that a lot of moms of little boys don't like all the pastels, though I do. So the sock yarn booties are perfect for them.

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