Why would Easter ham be mushy?

cookiepaApril 9, 2012

Hi...yesterday I baked two spiral cut hams for our Easter dinner. I was very disappointed when my son asked if anyone noticed that the ham was mushy? At first I said no, but then I ate a little more and it was indeed mushy. My husband agreed also. I was embarrassed to say the least. I wouldn't have minded if it wasn't being served to our guests.

Does anyone know what may have caused this? I cooked it exactly as I've always done.

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It probably was pumped full of so much water that it made it mushy...

Most hams today are "water added" I try to buy the ones that have the least added water, by percentage.
I buy those Farmland hams that they use for "deli sliced ham" for the church, and if there is more than I need I freeze the rest. When it's thawed it just pours water...and the resultant ham is much firmer...better to my taste.
I suspect they are over compensating for people who over cook a ham and it turns out dry that they add too much "solution".
Linda C

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Did you buy a different kind of ham than usual? I read that people are more likely to rate ham as mushy when it's solution injected versus plain ham. I'd suggest you discuss this possibility with your husband and son, tell them that, in order to ensure that all future hams are to their standards, they'll be cooking Easter dinner next year.

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I bought a spiral ham from Trader Joe's upon the recommendations here. It was delicious and the closest to an old fashioned ham that I've tasted for a long time. It had no nitrates and a bit of a honey type glaze, but not too much. If you have a tj near you, I'd really suggest one next time.

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I've noticed that and it's a very disconcerting mouth feel to me. I think they're injecting with tenderizer so they're what people think is "tender". Apparently nobody has or knows how to use teeth these days.

I seldom buy ham anymore with the rare exception of some deli ham occasionally. I'm so sick of those things that they pass off as ham these days and often they're slopping so much snot, uh, "glaze" on them to try to compensate for the poor quality of the product. I wonder if they use a garden hose to "inject" them since people keep harping on "moist" that they lose sight of what they're cooking. A well-smoked ham doesn't need all that to taste good. But I realize, I'm in a very tiny minority who likes the taste of the meat itself over the coating. (sigh) Oh well, dat's da way it is.

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I know some people pooh-pooh spiral cut hams, but I like them... the GOOD ones SIL always gets ham from Honey-Baked/Heavenly Ham stores... doesn't have that thick sugar glaze on it. She USED to get them bone-in and I ended up with the PRIZE (bone) to take home to make soup. Now she just buys LOTS of slices. Some think it's "expensive", but really about the same as nice stuff you'd buy at deli counter for sandwiches. It's always good.

Wish I had a Trader Joe's that was nearer to me so I could try out his brand. Closest store isn't "on the way" for about 90% of any errands I run. If I'm even remotely gonna be in that area, I end up stopping in.

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My ham was the polar opposite of "mushy." It was ham jerky! And tasted awful. Fortunately, our guests had to bail out, so it was only me and DH.

I bought a Fresh Market Spiral Sliced Honey Ham. The directions said to cook it for 10 - 12 minutes per pound at 325 degrees, wrapped tightly in foil. I followed the directions exactly (and no, my oven isn't off. I check it frequently with a non-digital oven thermometer.) I know hams have a tendency to dry out, so I used the lowest time. After 90 minutes, it was shoe-leather, but shoe-leather would have been tastier. It is going out with the trash this morning!

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