Dickey patten

barb_roselover_inNovember 20, 2010

I have a couple of "v" neck sweaters that I would like to make a dickey to go under. Went to Ravelry but can't get a pattern's instructions. Can anybody help me with a pattern for this? Thanks in advance. Barb

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Try these sites: http://www.knitting-crochet.com/found/dfound.html
Hope these help.

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Barb, I have one in a really old knitting book. I'll try to remember to scan it when I get home and see if it's what you're looking for.


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Hi Barb
Have you tried some patterns for
There are some that could be used
for dickies


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Thanks everybody. I didn't really find one that I liked, so went to the library, and, yes, I found several patterns for neckwarmers. I should be able to adapt one for my uses. I looked at the dickey that I had and just made up a pattern, using that as an example. Making it out of brown yarn with flecks of orange and yellow. I have so many projects going on right now, but I also have to change needles and the work on them from time to time because it hurts way up in my separated shoulder area. Barb

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