How to enlarge doily crochet pattern

krissie55November 20, 2010

I need instructions on how to enlarge a vintage crochet doily pattern from 15" to a larger size to go on a cedar chest.

My deceased mother made a doily for my daughter and she is interested in a larger size of same pattern for her cedar chest.

Here is a picture of the doily:

I found one of mother's typed patterns with name of doily and thread company name, no picture. Googled the thread company name and found the doily, it is the same doily she made for my daughter.

Is there a rule of thumb way to increase size?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


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Krissie, the information given on that page strikes me as a bit odd. Number 40 thread is very fine and a number 7 hook is on the large side. I would use something like #10 thread with a #7 hook. Maybe this is not U.S. written, and I don't know if the numbers would be different for a different country. Hook sizes are different for UK, for instance.

But if we are to assume that this is written with U.S. measurements, all you have to do is substitute #10 (bedspread cotton) for the thread and it will come out much larger.

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I agree, Donna, and she could even use a little larger steel crochet hook too. I have not looked at the pattern, but when you finally get to that last row, you could lay it on the cedar chest to decide if you want to ad lib and add a repeat of the last row, for example.

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Thanks for all of your suggestions. Will give it a try and see what happens.


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