Socks for Crocs

donna_loomisNovember 8, 2007

I'm sure I'll do this wrong, I just can't seem to get the hang of posting photos. Anyway, I discovered Crocs about 3 months ago and I swear I will never wear anything else. They are better than barefoot. Our weather never gets really cold. We may have a couple of frosts a year. But sometimes a little chilly for just my regular sandals. So, I am knitting some socks to wear with my Crocs. I figured I'd go a little bit wild. Here they are (hopefully).

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Socks alone -

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Donna I have the same crocs.....but don't have quite those socks......(and so the tale like Dr. Suess goes). I also loved my crocs so much I bought another pair for "summer" wear and inside the house. Your socks should do the trick....but I found I wore out the heels in my socks quite quick when they rubbed inside the croc. Budster.

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Very cute! I'm really looking forward to learning to knit socks. I love to wear warm fuzzy socks on my feet in winter.

I must have blood as cold as ice. I live in SoCal but to my taste it does get cold enough for sweats and sheep skin slippers in winter even without a frost.

I love to go barefoot around the house, but my feet need arch supports and we have hard tile floors. Maybe I'll check out some Crocs, if you say they are better than barefoot.

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I like the Crocs too, but they don't offer enough arch support.

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I have the bright green ones and a new pair of the two tone ones. I also am know to wear three pair of socks at a time. In the midwest it gets very cold. I have been looking into the sheep skin leather slippers. Are they worth the money like crocks? Crocks are best!

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yes, Crocs are better than barefoot and yes, sheep skin slippers are wonderful and worth the money - my "traveler" brought me a pair from New Zealand when she was working there. I have been known for feet as cold as "ice" - generally buy all my boots 1/2 size larger so I can wear those heavy fleece socks. Perhaps it's time to crochet a pair of socks for myself! Heads-up for us on the northeast (or those who shop online from Zappos) - just saw them the other day - new crocs with removable/washable "fur" lining. I always wear out the heels of my socks with those Lands End all weather mocs but I continue to wear them since they don't feel like "shoes" - perhaps we need to find a heel insert that would prevent this

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I have 17 pair of Crocs.... no joke!!! My favorite is the pair with a fur lining. They are the best!

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Kellann, please email me. I want to ask you a question.

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