Have You Knit With Three Strands of Yarn?

jannieNovember 19, 2010

I bought a book called "Ten Hour Knitted Afghans". I'd like to make two or three knitted afghans for Christmas gifts. All the afghans in this book are knitted with three skeins of yarn held together. The needles are either sixe 17 or 25 0r 50. I need some tips. Anybody ever knit this way? I'm a novice at this type of knitting. Do you use the yarn as is or do you wind into balls? How do you work with three strings of yarn at once? Any special techniques? How do you hold your hands? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I'd consider myself an average-intermediately skilled knitter. I have made many sweaters, a prior knitted afghan of all different stitch squares, lots of scarves, even a knitted Christmas stocking for my dog. I'm willing to take on something new. Thanks in advance, anyone who sees this!

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I have not knit with three strands and have not used needles of that size.Must be like knitting with a broomstick.

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I have knitted with two strands but never on such large needles. I have to say that I found it to be distracting/difficult and probably won't rush to do it again.
I knit continental style and found the yarn would twist together and be hard to control. I did wind the yarn into balls first and they had a tendency to roll around.
One tip that I found, but didn't try, was to put each yarn ball into a coffee can with a lid. Cut a hole in the lid and thread yarn through then begin to knit. I guess this would prevent the yarn rolling and cut down on the tangling.

Let us know how you make out!

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That's what I was afraid of. I'm thinking of going to my local knitting store and asking the owner for some help. She's very skilled and helpful. She might be a little miffed because I bought the yarn at Michaels.

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Yes, I have knit a few baby jackets using 3 different colors of Caron Simply Soft, which is a worsted. I think I used about a size 10 needle, but I don't remember for sure. It could have been a little larger. The SS skeins have a center pull of yarn, and that is how I used it. It doesn't change the look if the colors twist a little. Every now and then I would unwind the twists I would get in the working yarn from turning the knitting when I started every next row.

The only thing you really have to be careful about is to be sure that the new stitch is knit through all 3 strands on the needle and that all 3 strands of the new stitch are pulled through the loop. Otherwise, the skipped strand makes a straight line across the stitch. Sometimes I would spot a skipped strand in the row below, and I would just undo the stitch and use a large crochet hook to pull the 3 strands through all 3 strands of the loop.

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What Sheila said! Just hold the yarn, all three strands, as you would one strand to knit with. I hope you only bought enough yarn to make one afghan, tho. You may find the larger needle makes your hands hurt. Anything over a 13 is too big for me to use comfortably. YOu have way more ambition than I do for making that many before Christmas! I'll be lucky to get Damien's sweater done by then and he's only 7! Have fun with it. I'll bet they will be beautiful when finished. Are you using different colors mixed together?


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They are all 3 the same color-Navy blue worsted. So far I've managed to cast on one row. The next 4 rows are all knit. So I guess I'll get a "feel" for it. I only bought enough yarn for one afghan. If I finish it, it's going to my husband's brother & wife.
I'll do the next two if this one works out.

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It took me forver to cast on 81 stitches and do one row of knitting. I kept getting tangles in the three the strands. just too difficult. The entire thing is over 200 rows, so in order to complete it in 10 hours, I would have to knit 20 rows an hour, or one row in three minutes. I know I can't go that fast, so I give up. The in laws will get a package of home-made cookies instead. Or maybe a nice bottle of wine.

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