A/C Tons Too Much?

psp212May 5, 2012

Hi We are in midst of gut renovation and plan on installing ducted 2 zone central a/c. Our HVAC installer and g/c think we need two 5 ton a/c units, based on "rule of thumb" estimates. Our experienced friend says we need no where near that much. Our place is a brick 4 story townhouse, plus a cellar that we don't really need to heat or cool, with buildings up against each side wall. 16ft wide, 40 some feet long. Approximately 700 sq ft interior space per floor. Any thoughts on this? Also, anyone know a firm in NYC that would do Manual J calculations? Thanks very much!

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Ten tons of cooling for your townhouse is way oversized in my opinion. You need to find an HVAC contractor who will do a proper calculation.

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I would definitely go with two systems but not 5 tons each..

If it's a major gutting, then inquire about zoning controls for each system.

Ductwork needs a thorough evaluation and the practicality of zoning controls to be pursued.


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The location is New York City -- thanks!

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Obviously 2 5 ton units is too much. Amazing with all the rules in NYC, no one is watching the sizing.

Dealing with stubborn contractors is tough. Good luck.

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