Vintage Xmas Stocking patterns?

shaddy101November 16, 2009

I am wondering, asking all over that I can think of, I am not a knitter, but would love to help preserve those wonderful vintage patterns that are so popular for the old timey Xmas stockings. I have some pictures, and some odd directions, meaning only a part of them, would there be someone out there that perhaps could help me get the right ones together for the future? I sure would appreciate any help, and have asked several other ladies to help me, with that said, I look forward to any other assistance possible, I want to get this done this year if possible.

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If you are not a knitter why not sew them. There are some lovely vintage sewn ones too . Whether they look new or vintage depends on what material and trims you use.

To learn to knit well takes time and to learn to knit in intricate patterns longer still.

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I am not planning on using the patterns this year, maybe never, just want to SAVE them for "someone" in the future, in other words, archive them, is that proper verbage?
I love them, and as the instructions I have seem to be mishmash, thought perhaps someone with some skills could help me set them to rights, and I can feel good that I have done something good for a future knitter.
thanks for your suggestions tho, know there are some really pretty things, have some quilted patterns for my daughter, so understand your thoughts.

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If you could give us the name of the patterns then maybe
someone would have the pattern and can help you with the
instuctions. Just a thought.

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can't seem to get this right. these patterns are incomplete in my stash, and would love to have someone help me find them. Know the copyrights have run out, so any help would be appreciated.
Santa face is completely gone, santa and reindeer is a partial, and santa and frosty is missing beginning of pattern. Thanks to anyone!

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I tried to view the Photobucket and wouldn't let me on
so don't know if you typed the addy. wrong or what.

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