thank you donna

mamalo3November 12, 2008

i just wanted to say "THANK YOU" out load,so everyone would know how generous you are, not only with your patterns,but with your time to look for them, and put it all together and email are truly a wonderful person...this web site is a god send to us...and thanks again donna for all your help...lois

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Well, may I say I SECOND THAT EMOTION!!!!
When I first found the gardenweb, Donna was (and still is) one of the most kindest ladies around. She looks for patterns for whoever needs one, and is just a wonderful and talented person to walk you thru. I am sure that there are many other wonderful women who do the same (whom I have not had the pleasure to meet)but Donna you truely are a wonderful asset to the gardernweb, and just to us women in general...thanks Donna!!!

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Speaking of thanks to Donna, I can't remember if I thanked her for the pattern for Mr. Flurry. If not, I am ashamed and would like to thank you now, I think he is so cute. Vique.

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I also have to echo everyone here. I think we all know that Donna will be there when we get stuck..for a pattern..for help, whatever. I am always thrilled when there is something we can do for her.

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I too, owe her a large amount of gratitude for all she's done for me.I call her "my angel" and she is all of that and more.She's a wonderful , kind, considerate,warm person and whatever we can do for her is small in comparison for all she's given. I THANK-YOU ! Donna.

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My THANK-YOU goes with everyone else. We can always count on Donna to help us out when we need it.

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