Vique_PaNovember 16, 2008

Can someone please tell me what is the purpose of fingerless gloves, since I don't think they are going to keep your fingers warm. Vique.

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Oh, I wear fingerless gloves or better for me, fingerless mittens quite a lot. If you are doing anything that requires the use of your fingers in cold weather, they do make a difference. Will your hands be as warm as if you are wearing full gloves or mittens? No, but it's still a vast improvement over no protection at all. I knit my own fingerless mitts and in fact, need to knit some new ones for this winter.


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I wear a fingerless glove on my right hand when I go to the range to target practice in the winter. It is difficult to get a fingered glove on a trigger! :)


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Thank you for answering me, ladies. Mystery solved. Vique

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Mom says her hands get cold, even indoors. But wearing full gloves indoors is very impractical, as you can't really grip anything with them on. But I made her some short-fingered gloves with a nice soft cashmere blend and she says they really do keep her hands warmer.

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I forgot to mention that I have both inside and outside mitts. My studio can get very cold if the wind comes from the right (wrong?) direction, so I keep a pair up there as well.


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Civil War and Revolutionary War re-enacters use them for a part of their costumes. I use them as a Victorian costume accessory while Chrimas caroling each Christmas. Email me for a photo link.

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Fingerless gloves are great if you are typing in a cold office! They help to keep your hands warm and working.

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