What'cha workin' on?

scrappyjackNovember 17, 2007

Hello Ladies,

I tend to bounce back between this forum and the quilting forum (there's a bunch of GREAT gabby gals over there !)

I also have just joined a knitting circle in my town, and really enjoy the company of other knitters/crocheters. So I guess I was just wondering what are you working on?

I've been knitting a pair of mittens in pink and yellow ds yarn for my neice, and crocheting dishcloth using Peaches and Cream cotton in a varigation called Daisy. Its white, gold, and a pale green--sweet! I've just learned to crochet, so I thought that would give me some practice.


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Jackie, it's shameful how many WIPs I have at the moment. I am knitting my husband a pair of undyed wool socks, crocheting myself a shell sweater, knitting the most adorable circular baby blanket in pink and white, adding the name to a Christmas stocking for my brand new grandson, crocheting (and designing as I go) a baby blanket that is a flower, knitting a log cabin baby blanket (almost done), crocheting a Delft Delight afghan, crocheting a Guatemalan Tapestry for a friend, and I'm sure there are more. I think I have knitting/crocheting ADHD! I eventually finish everything, but I sometimes get bored and have to switch. Plus, some projects are left in the car, some are just for our monthly out of town trips, etc.

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Hi Everyone,

I am working on a baby sweater set from Naturally Yours, and am finally on the sleeves. It has three different patterns in it, and was really challenging for me. Also working on a mini-pancho, and hat from Drops Patterns for my teen-ager granddaughter. I think she will like it. It is so hard to find really cool things for that age group! I also have a baby dress from Sandnes Petite, and a baby blanket from Patons, but they will probably have to wait till after Christmas.

There is one project that I would love to tackle again, It is a little cabled sweater from Naturally Yours (Fiber Trends). The first time I tried it, I only got as far as the 6th row, before I was lost! I am having so much trouble with that pattern, I may need to ask for your help. The problem is with the way it is written, but the pattern itself is so cute, I just have to try one more time.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Knits and Things

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Wow! You ladies are going to have to post some pictures!

Grandmaknits: I have a pre-teen daughter and some really cool books are out there now. I like Hip-Knits, and some of the BH&G's. My daughter likes to go through and mark the things she likes! Its nice that easy to knits are hip now too; scarves, cell phone purses, simple sweaters... And with the new yarns, its fun!

I am almost done with my mittens and dishcloth. soon I can get back to my pillowcover using Lion Suede (sooooofffftttt) and someday I will pick up my Flying Geese afghan again. (That one seems to be my travel project.)


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i am working on layettes for two babies right now. Also have one sock to make for son's first pair of wool socks. If the yarn arrives in time, will try to make a pair of dorm socks.

I have received son's friend's mother's incomplete tablecloth, and as soon as the holidays are over and the baby afghans, sweaters and booties are mailed, I will get to it. I have not even peeked in the box.

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Hi Scrappyjack,
Thank you for the book tips! I will look into them for sure. Are you refering to the Better Home and Garden site? I haven't been there in a long time. I will definitely check that our also.

I haven't figured out how to post pictures here, but will try. It sounds like you are really busy. The Lion Suede pillow sounds really nice. I recently saw a poncho with fringe made out of that, and it was SO gorgeous. I would love to try a project with it in the new year.

What does the table cloth look like? Is it knitted or cross-stitched?

Some of my projects are posted in My Knits and Things

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I have a BH&G book "Knitting Year Round" and it has some pretty cool things for teens.

"Hip Knits" is a book I absoulutly LOVE. There is a crochet poncho/hat/belt in there that I think I might need to do the belt for myself. Its long and "scarf-y".

My tablecloth, is not a tablecloth, but a DISHcloth! My first crochet project! I'm so proud! Hee hee! I cant imagine doing a tablecloth ....yet!


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How scary to admit to others that I have UFOs all over the house. I'm currently working on knitted winter hats for our Adopt-a-Child program at church; however, in the meantime, I've got a partial baby blanket in one bag, an adult afghan on the couch until I can find the pattern for it that I lost a while back; I've got a long, skinny scarf on a dining room chair that only needs about 3 more rows (with over 400 stitches on a row); there's a partial shawl in a bag made from Trestle "yarn" that needs to be ripped out and restarted 'cuz I dropped a stitch somewhere and it's just easier to start over; and I have 3 or 4 premie caps that need to be sewn up. Oh, I've cast on the stitches for a helmetliner, but that's as far as I've gotten on that project. At least it's encouraging to know that I only have 1 item in the frog pond ~ maybe 2 if I can't find the pattern for the afghan.

Hello, my name is Kelona and I have a knitting problem!

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Kelona, welcome to the club! I know where you're coming from. One of the reasons the Delft Delight has been unfinished for so long was that I had misplaced the pattern. And, until you mentioned it, I forgot about the helmet liners. I've finished one and am just waiting on some brown Fisherman's Wool to arrive so I can make some more. And I forgot about the Fiery Dragon scarf that needs to be sewn up for my oldest grandson (hopefully before Christmas).

You are in good company, and confession is good for the soul, is it not?

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Jackie, Leave it to me to get confused! I meant to ask Shelia about the table cloth. Although, I have seen some beautiful dishcloth patterns that would make an incredible table cloth! There you go, another to-do project...:)

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I'm working on my 4th scarf, almost half done. I found two mistakes after getting WAY too far along to rip out.... I didn't cast on enough stitches so one edge looks different than the other, and I did a knit stitch where it should have been a purl (or the other way around... I can't remember for sure). But, since I'm using the "mistake rib" stitch, I just laughed and moved on. This is a variegated yarn and a very highly textured pattern, so the single stitch error is well-hidden.

After this I plan to start on scarves for my grandsons and nephew for Christmas gifts.

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I realized when I got home last night that I also have an afghan that's supposed to be a wedding present for a friend's daughter. The wedding was in September! The afghan is about 1/3 done. It's a pretty pattern but tedious! Maybe after the holidays I'll finish it. Don't you have a year after the wedding to give a gift?

Will it ever end?

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I hope it never ends :).

I have two braided cable scarves on the needles and will probably make some socks during the holidays for DD while she is home this weekend.


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nothing right now, but was at goodwill the otherday and they had a huge hamper of unlabled yarn-- all it says is contains some wool. a grey and white blend and a beige and rose blend. all at 4/$1.00. the skiens are really small. looks like a project might just develope.
i just finished: a baby layette in sage green
house slippers and hat in neon orange
fluffy white scarf
a big purple wrap in 6 shades of purple
a rainbow scarf
a pair of "wICKED" socks in lime & pink

time to work on an afghan for home with leftovers from my stash.


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oooooo....yarn at Goodwill...what a find!

I finished my little coral and yellow mittens, and am having trouble with my dishcloth! Ha Ha! My first attempt at crochet. My stitches look absolutely wonderful. But my edges are kind of serpentine. I've decreased here, then increased there for a few rows! I have my knitting group this week, my teacher should straighten me out...LITERALLY!

Hope you all had a lovely holiday!


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Finished the baby hat to go with the baby sweater, but was not happy with the seed stitch edge. It doesn't have enough grip for a baby hat, and I know it will slip off as soon as DIL puts it on her sweet head! So, am starting one that has a chin strap that buttons, from Pingouin's Layettes for Babies, out of the same yarn I used for the sweater. Hope it will match well enough.

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Knitting dishcloths /washcloths for all of the women on my Christmas list. I can make one a day.

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This tablecloth I am finishing is a crochet cloth of motifs. I asked here for help finding the pattern, so you should see it a few pages back. This young man who owns the partial cloth recently lost his mother, who had been making it. I heard about him looking for someone to finish it from my son when he was home from school. (They are in law school together.) So I offered to finish it for him, if he can be REAL patient. He has mailed it to me, but I have not even looked at it and won't till the holidays are over and I have caught my breath.

I took a few years to make a banquet cloth in filet crochet thread. During that time my daughter got engaged, married and had her son last Christmas, just before I finished the cloth. We inaugurated the cloth for the first time this Thanksgiving when I had 10 for dinner, including our grandson, who decided to take a nap rather than join us at the table.

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