Pattern needed

jenni_caNovember 17, 2008

Shaddy101 asked me to post this picture for her. She has been looking for a long time for this pattern.

Isn't this beautiful!

If anyone knows where she might find the pattern she would sure appreciate it.

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Sotty, I don't have the pattern (I'd like it too) but how do you put an image in your post?


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Same question I asked her Pat, which is why SHE posted the pic, and not me.
I have sought this pattern over 2 years, believe it just may be a made up one, but never know. Sure would love to have it, gorgeous, isn't it?

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That is a clear picture. I bet you could try to make one from the picture image. Someone with that talent here might be able to help you. Looks like pineapple patterns in the center. Some kind of filet to make the fans. Do you have one of these "doileys" or just the picture?

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It's just a picture, I grabbed from somewhere, saw it and liked it, tried to find the pattern, feel it may be made in 2 parts, and the rose is hiding the joinings.
Trying to make a workable copy, but not much luck yet.

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Gonna try and bump to the top,

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That sure is pretty...I could see that mounted on a dark velvet background and placed inside a shadow box frame...will be watching to see if the pattern turns up here.

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I'll post this picture at a couple of active crochet boards that I go to. I'm curious, myself, about this.

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