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joyce_6333November 12, 2006

My grandmother used to make me these little knitted or crocheted hats/scarf things called jibbers. They were 3 or 4 inches wide, and long enough to go over your head, and cover your ears, with ties that tied under your chin. Would love to make these for my granddaughters, but can't find a pattern anywhere. Have any of you heard of these?

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Look at the hat pics toward the bottom of this link.

Is the hat on left what you mean? Looks like there's a pattern to download if it is.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old-timer stuff

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Oh my goodness, my mom made those for us!! She crocheted them. I have all of her old patterns and there isn't one for these so I assume she didn't even have one.
I remember she left the ties pretty long and would usually put a 'fluff' ball thing on the end!

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I remember buying those and they had no particular name. The prettiest were made from angora and had pom-poms at the end of the ties. Seems to me they were usually white and knitted. I think I may have a very old pattern in a size suitable for a girl. If I can find it, I will get back to all of you.

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I used to have a knitted pattern, but I cannot find it. I gave away several pattern books I had not used, and it must have been in there.

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Oh my, yes yes yes, I remember those! My sister and I had store bought ones that were white and had little furry white poodles on each side and the poodles each had a jingle bell on their collar. They also had furry pom poms on the ends of the ties.
I too would be interested in a patten for those.
Thanks for the memory.

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A forum member emailed me a pattern that is very easy. I'll see if I can post it here. I'm about half done with the first "jibber". I would love to make an angora one (just for the memory!). Do they still make angora yarn? I haven't knitted in years, and I've just developed a renewed interest. I'm finding I thoroughly enjoy it! I've recently made several Prayer Shawls, which were an easy item to knit to get back in the groove. Easy with quick results. Thanks to all who responded.

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Yes, they still make angora yarn. But I'm an idiot. I had an angora sweater when I was a teenager and it was so soft. I bid on an auction on ebay for some angora yarn. Couldn't believe how little I paid for it. Well, when it came I realized that it wasn't angora rabbit, it was angora GOAT! Definitely not as soft as what I remembered. Live and learn.

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Is this it?

Here is a link that might be useful: Crochet Hat

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oops sorry, I just re-read that it was only 3-4 inches wide.

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A fourm member emailed me a nice pattern too. I also just found this one-

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None of those links are working, but I think I can make one without a pattern. Chain it as long as you want it to fit you, crochet a rectangle as wide as you want it using any stitch of your choice, turn the corner and crochet across the short end, decrease until ready to make your long chain for the tie, add pompom. Reattach to other end and repeat for other tie. This will be a very nice church hat, probably take it off during the service depending on material. Here goes!

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This one is knit - and it's called a kerchief.
And it's a triangle, not a rectangle.

Here is a link that might be useful: knitted kerchief

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Does anyone have a crochet pattern for the *jibber* that Joyce described? (the links that are posted will not work for me) I'd love to make some of these.

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We called them "ear warmers". Basically just a couple of stitches at the bottom, increasing gradually until you get the width you want, then the length you want, then decreasing down to a couple of stitches. Add ties.

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Yes, I remember jibbers and have been looking for a pattern for the last four years too! But I finally decided I could figure it out myself. All the cheerleaders in my school wore white angora jibbers and white angora mittens for the football games. I and all my friends made them for ourselves. I remember mine was royal blue! I think I used about a sz 6 knitting needle. Cast on maybe 6 or 8 stitches, however wide you want the tie. Knit in a garter stitch for as long as you want the tie on one side. Then you continue a garter stitch along both sides of the piece but make the middle a steadily increase of stockinette stitch. Keep increasing until you get it as wide as you want it, then just do the straight stockinette stitch across with 3 or 4 stiches on each edge continueing in the garter stitch. When the top reaches across your head then start decreasing at the same rate you increased on the other side. Those increased and decreased sides will cover the ears with the long straight piece in the middle going over the head. When you get down to the width of the other tie just do the garter stitch to make that tie as long as the first one.
Angora is still available but much more expensive. I seem to remember mine took 3 or 4 balls. Your could do one in a mohair blend or even one of those new novelty yarns less expensively.
BTW don't google jibber! I found your listing there but there are a hundreds of others that are either a term from some skiing equipment or the term jibber jabber(which I never heard before!) Good luck!

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