beanie pattern without the point

tigermommyNovember 12, 2008

Hello everyone, Would anyone have a pattern for a child's beanie cap? I have several , but when I decrease it always goes to a point.. I have blocked..but I would really like a pattern that has a rounded top to it. Surely there is one out there ?

Also is there a mistake in these directions.? Its the Row 4 of a shawl Iam trying to knit . Here they are

K3, *insert needle through next st and y o and K1, yo, K1 in same st, sl both yo and st off needle (3 sts made) P3, repeat from * across row, ending last repeat with K 3.

I've never done this stitch before and Iam really confused .

thanks for any help.

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damascusannie do you do the decreases at the top? You need to work decreases in every row/round for about the last six decreasing rounds in order to get it to round off at the top.


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Hi Annie, heres what I do . I start the decreases this way..according to the directions.
Knit 8, k2tog, finish the row like this, then I knit two rows , then I go down the line .. knit 7, k2tog, knit two rounds , etc etc...when Iam done the knit 1, K2tog, I do two rounds and then K 2 together until I have 6 sts on the needle. Then I put the stitches on a yarn needle and gather them. thats it ???? I get a cap for a cone head lol.

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I would decrease some more before stopping.

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You have to stop knitting the extra two rows between the decreasing rows when you get down to the K4, K2tog round. After working this dec, go right into the next dec round, and continue this way till you have your 6 stitches. It's the extra rounds of plain knitting in between the dec rounds that's giving you the point on top. I knit the whole hat a bit longer before starting the decreases, only knit one round of plain K between the first few dec rounds, and then drop to no knitted rounds as above. I've probably knitted a hundred baby caps, chemo caps, caps for my family and have never gotten a "conehead" cap that wasn't intentional.


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Wow.. thats a big help!. Then the directions were wrong. Iam going to do this right away. Thanks so much, ladies. This forum is such a blessing. I do knitting for charity and I wanted the caps done right. tigermommy

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