Teaching myself to knit and chrochet

flowrgirl1November 28, 2007


I bought myself a circular needle and some crochet hooks yesterday and now i am teaching myseft how to do both. Ive got the first steps down but im having difficulty moving from there using the books i have. Im looking for tips or a crafts buddy. I live in Winston Salem, NC. I just moved here so i dont know anyone yet. If anyone is close by I would love to meet. Or if anyone knows of any craft groups in the area I would be interested in those too.


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Quite frankly, I think you'd do better to chose one or the other, and let the other go for a while....it's hard enough to learn one new skill, let alone 2....and, at the same time. So, pick one and concentrate on that. Then, go to your local library and check out the books they have, on whichever one you choose, looking for.... easy....beginners type books. You don't do yourself any favors jumping into something harder - it's discouraging to try something beyond your skill level, and then fail. So, baby steps...start just learning to knit and pearl....then, make some simple things, like scarves....start with one that is only knit...that is, knit on both sides (this is garter stitch), and the edges won't roll with garter as they do with stockinette (knit on one side, pearl on the other). When you make it long enough, bind it off, tie some fringe on the ends, and wear with pride. Small projects like this bolster our confidence, and encourage us to keep 'at it'.
Look in your phone book for a knit shop...one that sells yarn and supplies. Many times they have classes, or might know of where you might find them. Here, our Michael's has all sorts of classes, including both knitting and crochet, so call them, too. Good luck, and have fun!

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Our Michaels has classes too. It's a fun way to learn and a little bit of association with other new knitter/crocheters is good too.

Sandra is right, just concentrate on knitting or crocheting at first, not both at once. I think crocheting is easier.

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Check around for local yarn shops -- they often have informal groups of women/sometimes a few men that meet weekly to knit and share. They're free, often of all levels of knitters, you can join in as your schedule allows, and you'll learn lots! Or check around for a local Stitch 'N *itch group -- same concept but they often meet at coffee shops or where ever -- just a group of women with an interest in knitting that sit and chat and share. Also, I highly recommend getting on the waiting list for ravelry.com -- it's a knit/crochet community and database with over 30,000 users and the wealth of information there is outstanding. Right now it's in beta so you have to sign up for the waiting list but people are getting invited pretty fast so you shouldn't have to wait long. Once it gets out of beta it'll be open to everyone but right now you have to be a member to have access to all the information there. (I just looked up Winston-Salem on Ravelry and there are at least 25 people from there, so you should be able to find lots of fellow knitters, with or without Ravelry!). Good luck and have fun!!

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You could even ask at your local library if they know of any groups in the area.


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