AC won't shut off with HW IAQ VisionPro T-stat

jmcqueenMay 22, 2009

i had an Amer. Stnd. 92.5% furnace with comfort-R put in over the winter and couldn't be happier with the furnace. now that we are in the cooling season, my t-stat is set at 74 and when the cooling reaches that set temp, my AC compressor will not shut off. it just keeps running, but interesting to note the temp inside the house remains a constant 74. the fan setting on the IAQ is for continuous 160 cfm and i have an aprilaire 5000 e/s filter (hooked to furnace board). question...why won't my AC compressor shut off? it is an older york 10-seer and is in good working order.

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Does the thermostat say "Cool On"?

You may want to have the installers set the thermostat to its less agressive temperature control setting (or they may have inadvertantly set it to the opposite).

Perhaps it needs to run constantly to maintain temperature if its very warm outside. Will it shut off if you raise the temp?

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system is set to "auto" and cool is set to "on", yes. yes, it will shut off when i select a higher temp. there is more than enough capacity to cool all the way down to 68 if i want, so no issues there. i'm stumped.

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If it is running all the time then it would be "68" inside. Since it is staying at 74 then it is not hitting the ste point. Just because it says 74 the tstat might need to be 74.1 and only getting to 74.5

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hi troys:

thx, but i think you are misunderstanding my predicament. t-stat is set at 74 and room time shows 74, but the AC compressor is still on. what i was saying above is that *if* i did set it to 68, the AC has the ability to achieve that set point.

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