How do you clean brushed nickel faucet?

kitchenconfidential2January 26, 2010

Just read about someone ruining nickel with Barkeeper's Friend. How would you clean your brushed nickel faucet? It will be installed next Monday. Should I exchange it for chrome or something else?

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Any wet cloth will do, I like the microfiber cloths. Don't use BF on it and you'll be fine. I loved my brushed nicket faucets in a previous home, they don't show the water spots, chrome does.

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Thanks, mitchdesj. My faucet will be installed next week.

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Nickel, even brushed, tarnishes some. I clean mine every six weeks or so with Flitz, a metal cleaner recommended to me by Rohl. It works beautifully. Otherwise, wipe the faucet down with a hot, wet microfiber cloth. Nothing more is needed. A chrome faucet would not need the polish, just the wiping down.

~~~waving at mitchdesj~~~

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Gel Gloss, available at HD. Very safe, also won't hurt surrounding counter.

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