Do you have a scarf pattern.........

budsterNovember 24, 2007

I was manning a booth at one of the local malls last week and one lady who came up to the table had on a lovely scarf that I am sure was hand knit. The wool was either an eyelash or a boa type (if my memory doesn't fail me) but it was the finish on the edge that really caught my eye. It had a ruffle effect which seemed to add a fancy lace effect and made the bottom edge fan out . Does anyone know any pattern like this...the scarf was your regular long and narrow type but this ruffle edge finished it off? Hope this makes sense. Thanks. Budster

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Budster, did you mean only the edges on the ends of the scarf, or along the long edge? Here are a couple (one of each) that I have made:

Spiral Ruffled Scarf -

Here is a link that might be useful: ruffled scarf

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that looks very similar but I must say the ruffle on the scarf I saw stuck out and was very noticeable...almost like they added double the original amount of stitches. Thank you for your reply....I might have to go with your pattern if no one else comes up with something. The ruffle is along the narrow beginning and end rows not along the sides. Sorry for not being clearer.

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No, Budster, you were clear. I just wasn't paying good enough attention. Here are a few others you might take a look at.

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thank you again but they are not quite right. The second one is most like the scarf I saw. The search continues...although I might just try the second scarf to see how it looks. Thanks again. Budster

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The second pattern that Donna posted can be modified to get a bigger ruffle. That patten goes from 10 to 20 to 40 stitches so to get a bigger ruffle you can try doubling the stitches again and/or knitting more rows between the increases and less of the straight middle portion. Make sure you have a loose/stretchy bind-off to get maximum flare (Google stretchy bind-offs).

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Have you looked in Nicky Epstein's Knitting on the Edge? There are literally tens of photos of ruffles with instructions.... (Do you have a local knit shop to "browse" a copy of it?)

If the ruffle was noticeable because it took a while to get to its full width, several rows of increases (every third stitch, then k 1 row, then every 2nd stitch, etc) may do the trick, as threejsmom suggested.

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Hi. Do you have something like this in mind? I know I've seem another like this too - with even wider ruffles on the ends - maybe the one you're looking for.

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I have a favorite scarf pattern that I make. It has two openings on end of scarf. It's call the Stockinette Stitch Scarf, you can also ways change the pattern on neck like if you don't like to do Stockinette Stitch pattern (the necks rolls under). It's a nice scarf goes under coat and stays in place. I'm in the process of making one now. My favorite item also is making knitted kitchen towels (with towel material). Wanda

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Plymouth Yarn Company has a free pattern on its site for a ruffled-edge scarf made with Eros yarn. The Eros yarn is a ladder yarn, and I've made a lot of scarves with that yarn, and also scarves with a strand of Electra along with the Eros. The Electra is more of an eyelash yarn, so maybe the scarf you saw was made with this pattern and the Eros/Electra combo? There are a LOT of colors of both yarns.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ruffled Scarf from Plymouth Yarn Company

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