Old Issue of Workbasket Magazine

Barb303November 10, 2012

Greetings from Iowa!

After my mother died, Dad asked me to go through her old craft supplies and see if there was anything I wanted to keep. Iccame across a two piece Barbie doll pattern that I wanted to crochet. It was in the September 1985 issue of Workbasket magazine. I started the project and must have left the magazine there because I cannot find it. Dad swears he did not throw it out, but it was so old and tattered he may not have realized what it was. I would like to complete the project and wondered if anyone has the magazine or could send me the pattern. I believe it was on page 20 of the September 1985 issue.

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide!


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I found these copies for sale on amazon.com

There where several other offers for the same issue along with several others available.

I just did a google search for September 1985 issue of Workbasket magazine


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You might also find it on etsy or e-bay. I get a lot of out of print magazines those places. Mary

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Are you still looking for that issue?

I have several years of Workbasket magazines - but I think they were earlier than 1985.
In any case, I will not be able to look for them until after Christmas.
In fact, if they are at the cottage, it might not be until Spring I can get to them - due to snow.

(I was given the magazines to sell on e-bay, and have never gotten around to doing it.)

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I used to subscribe to Workbasket, late 70's, early 80's because they carried tatting instructions. I didn't save the mags-wish I had.

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