stoveguyyApril 6, 2013

Made 1/2 batch of choc chip cookies and forgot to 1/2 sugar amount. I didn't think anyone could screw up making cookies. But, I am still eating them. A little crunchy.

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Cavell, I often reduce the sugar in sweets recipes. What's not to like about a homemade chocolate chip cookie!

Welcome to the forum!

Edit: I misread! Still what's not to like.


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Screw-up? How about cornstarch instead of baking powder in a cookie recipe. I used an old baking powder tin to store cornstarch in to eliminate the large 1-pound plastic box in the cabinet (that nice little straight edge makes it so much easier to measure a tablespoonful than fishing it out of the box). I had a label on it, but it evidently fell off in the cabinet. Needless to say, I now have that container covered in bright yellow paper with CORNSTARCH written on it in nice bold print.

I judge foods at fairs and you'd be surprised how many times too much sugar is added to a recipe. Cookies are either sticky or hard when that happens.

For my own protection, when doubling or halving a recipe, I make a photo copy of it and change all the ingredients to prevent making this exact mistake. Been there...done that!


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It happens to the best of us. : )

One weekend when I was babysitting my neices the older one wanted to bake something. She found a cake mix in the pantry and decided she wanted that. Okay, no problem, lets go for it. Well during the prep there was all kinds of things going on.....little sis woke up from here nap, phones ringing, Boy Scouts at the door, dogs barking to be fed. Anyway, we forgot to put the eggs in!! I thought the batter didn't look right but we moved forward.....We ended up calling them cake bars. LOL I'm sure we will be talking and laughing about this for years.


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Silly. Why even make a 1/2 batch? Only needed to add 1 cup more of flour and 1 egg. Uncle goes to mardi GRAS each yr and brings me pecan pralines. I think thes are close. Sure got flat in oven in a hurry.

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Oh heck, if a mistake can be made, I've made it, from adding an ingredient twice to forgetting it altogether.

I think we aren't the only ones either, I think I remember lots of "help me save this" threads, LOL.


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