Has anyone come across......

rwisniewNovember 20, 2006


As i have mentioned before, right now I buy all my yarn on-line and it is hard to tell the true colors.

I would like to make some things for my sister-in-law and she is decorating with the colors chocolate brown and aqua in her dining area.

I was wondering if anyone had seen a varigated yarn with these colors in it?

Thank you,


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Just the other night, while I was ogling the yarn at Joann's I saw an aqua/brown variegated. It's a boucle, though. Take a look and see what you think.

Here is a link that might be useful: aqua/brown variegated

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Thanks, Donna!

That looks like it would be really neat for a sweater...(my sister-in-law did ask me if I could make a sweater in those colors...but I am no where near attempting clothing yet, if ever....).

And I think it is the colors I am looking for, just not the right type yarn...I am hopeful tho, that there will be more now!

I am going to keep it in mind tho, as she asked for some decorative stuff that she most likely wouldn't wash much...hmmm...food for thought!

Thanks again!


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Sherri, I have not seen the yarn in person, but I just found out about Red Heart's Earth and Sky yarn. It's (some shade of) blue and brown variegated. There is a photo at this ebay auction - not my auction, but the photo at this auction was better than at the website where I first saw the yarn.

Here is a link that might be useful: earth and sky

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Thanks for keeping an eye out, Donna!

I might get to a Joann's to see some for myself tomorrow. Otherwise, I might gets these, just to see, i can always make SOMETHING out of them! Or I might get the individual colors and try something with that.


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TLC Essentials yarn in surf & turf may be what you're looking for - I also saw this at Joann's and AC Moore

see page 3 of link

Here is a link that might be useful: TLC Essentials

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