Great Book on Knitting History

damascusannieNovember 26, 2008

I just found a new-to-me book at the library on the history of knitting in America. It's called "Knitting America" by Susan Strawn. It's excellent. I was particularly blown away by the complete suits that were made in the 1940s and 50s--just beautiful.


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I'd love to see that book. Maybe I'll check with the library. I like to knit socks because it reminds me of how women in earlier days had to knit socks because there were no commercially made ones.

In the 50's my mother knitted herself dresses, or maybe they were 2-piece dresses. It amazes me to this day. I can barely get a decent looking scarf.

Thanks for sharing the book.

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It's been fun to see the early American portraits and illustrations of women knitting what looks to be socks. Knitting was considered a symbol of a thrifty, industrious housewife. Another woman wrote that she always had either socks or mittens on her needles for her family. Then there was a woman that was captured by Indians during "Prince Philips War" and bartered knitted goods to her Indian captors in exchange for better food. The most commonly requested item was socks, but she also knitted a shirt and cap for Prince Philips baby son.


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