My scarves are matted!

Kelli Tucker CampbellNovember 24, 2008

Hi everyone,

Have you ever used Jo-Ann Sensations Angel Hair yarn? I knitted up a bunch of scarves using that yarn with the intent of selling them in a couple of weeks. Yesterday, I washed them on the delicate cycle and put them in the dryer, but my husband went behind me and mistakenly turned it on hot. So the cute fuzzies that come out when they're dry and fluffed are all matted into the scarf. And the tassles at the end are tangled together. I'm wondering if the 22% wool that's in the yarn tried to felt under that hot heat? Is there any way to reverse it? I thought about soaking them in a fabric softener and water mixture to see if it would release any, but do you all have any helpful hints? There are probably 20 scarves, and I'm just sick about it. Thanks for your help!

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If the wool has, indeed, been effected by the very high heat, then I doubt there is anything that can be done to alter this......but, soaking them in fabric softner,etc wouldn't hurt to try.... (I'd just try it on one, to see.) But, think of a wool sweater that has been put, by accident, into the drier...there is nothing that can make it as it was before.
I'm just so sorry this has happened...what a pity! Did you administer a good pinch to your husband?

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Unfortunately, your scarves are now felted and there's really no way to revive them. I know that they don't like you meant them to look, but are they ruined or just different than you intended? I went on-line and took a look at the recommended care instructions for this yarn, and it was pretty clear that it should be hand washed in cold water and dried flat, so I'm guessing that this yarn is prone to felting if exposed to heat and agitation.


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