Upgrading A/C, which Controller Infinity or EDGE

carjeffMay 23, 2011

We are going to need to replace our A/C unit in the near future. It is a 8yr old Heil 12 SEER 3 ton, and has a good amount of corrosion, to the point the fins are flaking off when touched. We live in Southern NJ, about 8 miles from the coast. Our existing furnace is a Carrier Infinity 96% 58MVB080. The main problem is the coil is only 10-12 SEER, and is below the furnace, so replacing the coil would entail removing the furnace.

We are looking at either the Carrier Performance Series or the Bryant Preferred Series. What is the main differences between the 2 levels of thermostat Carrier Edge/Infinity (or Bryant Evolution/Preferred)? Which one would you suggest? Also, are the Bryant thermostats compatible with the Infinity furnace. Thanks.

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Since you have a Carrier Infinity furnace, then I would recommend you get the Infinity thermostat. It will control the two stages of the furnance intelligently, and provide diagnostics such static pressure readings.

What model coil do you currently have? Coils don't have a SEER rating. The SEER rating is a combination of furnace, coil, and condenser. You may be able to find a Carrier Performance condenser wiith an approved AHRI match.

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Don't know the model of the coil. It wasn't replaced when we got the furnace a few years ago, so I was told that it would have to be replaced now. It's about 8 years old, and I believe I was told it could only handle up to a 12 SEER unit.

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what thermostat are you using at this time with your Carrier MVB80 two stg furnace?

Carrier Performance and Bryant Preferred AC condensers are basically identical to each other except for cosmetics. You would need the best matching "ATA" coil for performance/efficiency numbers.

You can not achieve full functionality of the MVB or MVC Infinity furnace without the matching Infinity controller. I would recommend the Performance 15 or Performance 16 condenser-same in Bryant Preferred line.


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I'm currently using a Honeywell thermostat (don't know the model #). What "functionality" of the Infinity furnace am I missing due to not having an Infinity controller - that's the exact info I'm trying to find. Do I need the full functionality of the Infinity controller, or is it overkill for my needs. Also, the Performance 17 is listed as a 2-stage scroll, while the Performance 15 isn't - is that a big deal. Thanks for your advice

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Can your Honeywell thermostat operate a 2 stage furnace correctly. Worst case it only works in the high stage, or best case it starts in the low stage and after a fixed period of time goes to the high stage regardless of the indoor or outdoor temperature conditions. The Infinity controller will dedide which stage (low or high) to operate for best comfort.

The 2-stage condenser will provide better comfort on days were there is high humidity. The Infinity controller has a cool to dehumidify feature. It will operate the AC in the low stage for longer periods of time to lower the humidity. The doubt the Honeywell thermostat will be able to do this effectively.

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