Smiley's Yarns - Annual Manhattan Sale

profsusanNovember 28, 2007

Just a reminder for those in the NYC area. Smiley's Yarns is having their annual Manhattan Sale this week. They have some great bargains each year. Dates and some yarn they have are on their site.

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Oh, go ahead, just rub it in Susan. I weep whenever I get their emails because I'm on the west coast. I love to order from them, but since they upped the minimum order to $40 I don't order as often. I know, $40 doesn't sound like much, but it goes a long way when they have such great deals. I'd love to go to one of their sales, though. Are they near you?

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Six bucks for a bag of yarn-those prices do look good!

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Smiley's is actually about 15 minutes from my dad's house (60 miles from mine) but I never seem to get to the store. Also about 20 minutes from work by car but I take public transportation so it's not convenient. My schedule and theirs never match anyway. Last November at their Manhattan sale I spent about $60 and came home with a tall, stretchy, kitchen garbage bag full of stuff (I still haven't used it all). This year I will be going on Friday since I will be at a technology conference 3 blocks away which just happens to be the same one I attended last year before I went to the sale. I got some nice Red Heart Baby Soft last year in colors I never saw in a store, some Lion Brand Wool Ease, cream colored microfiber, and a huge bag of just plain white sport yarn since it's always good for baby things, plus a few other miscellaneous colors/weights, etc. After shopping, I'll struggle with the bag to get to Grand Central and then take the train home but it will be worth it!

Donna, since they've raised their minimum I am sure there are plenty of others near you who knit and crochet who don't even know about Smiley's. Perhaps you could coordinate orders a few times a year.

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Alas, Susan, there were only two people among my circle of friends and family who crocheted. My mother, who had to completely give it up a couple of years ago due to arthritis, and a lady at church, who passed away last month. That is why I am "revered" for my handmade goodies, LOL. I have no competition.

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I don't want you to be jealous but the best bargain of the sale was Moda Dea Dream in a soft lavendar - 10 skeins to a package for $10. Michaels is running a sale now at 2 for $8 (reg. $5.99 each) so I know I really got a bargain. This is for me! Now I only need to put aside other projects and crochet for myself. I also got some Red Heart Symphony for a scarf for the Xmas grab bag. 3 skeins for $4. Miscellaneous sport yarn, baby yarn, etc. Stayed in control and only spent $34.

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Susan, I'm glad you found something "Dreamy" just for you. You deserve it. But I think you could have lost control just a bit. After all, how often does this opportunity roll around? Aren't these special sales annual? Either way, enjoy, and of course, post pictures.

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yes, they are annual sales but I don't really have anymore room in the closet to store more. They often have sales at their store so if I get the urge, I'll need to coordinate a visit to my dad's house before/after a visit to Smiley's! The Dream yarn is so soft, I now need to think about what I want to make...probably a shawl but this will have to wait until I finish a few Xmas gifts and a baby blanket for January.

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