Why Isn't There A Longer Needle?

brightonbornNovember 18, 2012

I was sittitng here knitting an afghan/throw for my daughters newly decorated living room and was having a struggle to get the stitches all on a 14" needle.

Circular needles are made for this purpose I know but to be honest with you, I don't like knitting with them at all.

So a thought came to me.. why hasn't somebody produced an adjustable knitting needle... the reason is obvious..I know.

The more needles you buy the the better for the company that mfgs. them certainly.

However just an inch or two longer would make a big difference.

BTW I am a novice knitter. lol


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Babka NorCal 9b

I really like the circular ones. I can stop anywhere and just slide both tips up. No worry about stitches slipping off. A loooooooooong needle would get very unwieldy as you progress on your afghan. Also anything that adjusts, it seems to me, might cause the yarn to hang up as it slides over the adjusters. As it is, I have problems sometimes with the interchangeable tips on my circular set where the tip and the line meet.

I have a few older straight needles that have line attached to them with a stopper at the end. Maybe you could find one of these in the size you need, and be a happy knitter.


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I always knit with circular needles. I find the straight needles cumbersome. They get heavy on the ends and get hung up on the arm of my chair.

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