What can I crochet or knit with Light & Lofty?

TerrapotsNovember 8, 2009

Well I suppose there are a lot of things I could do with this yarn but I need to find a pattern I can use the two skeins I have. I wanted to make a cozy hat, chemo type, but the patterns I've found I keep getting lost in the stitches or counts. Is there a trick to keeping track of your landmarks? I've been trying to keep my finger on the stitch I am working in but it's even hard to find when I have finished the row. I've started a hat over twice but it was just a waste of time. I was so bad I couldn't even unravel it to reuse the yarn to start over. Any one have any ideas? Would a scarf be easier?

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You didn't say whether you are knitting or crocheting. However the trick to keeping landmarks is to take a small piece of yarn and knit or crochet it with the stitch, leaving the tail in front. Because it is only secured by one stitch it will pull out easily when you are done. You can even use a small safety pin. Trying to mark with your finger doesn't work.

If you are new to knitting or crocheting yes a scarf would be easier

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I've found this yarn easy to knit with versus crochet. I've used it to made knitted slippers and a scarf. Also have crocheted using with N hook for a purse - wasn't a problem with a large hook.

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I only knit with this yarn. Just a simple pattern will do because any fancy stitches don't show up because of the fuzziness of the yarn. Look at the manufacturer's web site for free patterns for their yarns.

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I can knit or crochet. I tried crocheting with an N hook but didn't get too far, couldn't keep track of where to put stitches and kept tangling. I thought of using it with a thin worsted contrasting color to keep track. I recall I had the same problem with a fun fur type and I ended up knitting a scarf but I really wanted to make a crocheted hat for a chemo patient. Just wondered if anyone had any tricks up their sleeves for this problem. I'm not new at knit-crochet, just rusty.

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Correction - when I crocheted with it (purse) I used a P hook not N and it was single crochet.
Using a strand of plain yarn with it could help you, whether knitting or crocheting. I always did that when I knitted with fun fur.
I agree, keep to a simple stitch like garter stitch or sc.

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Thanks, gardenway. DD suggested the P hook, plastic one, and I purchased one. Will try it together with a plain yarn to see if I can find the stitches. I already noted that it seems easier to crochet with this yarn with the plastic hook rather than the aluminum N that I was using. Not sure yet whether it's the size or the plastic as I have no P aluminum to compare with. Most all my hooks are aluminum, darn!

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